This was a rough week. A bad week in a year with more than its share of bad moments. Too many things have hurt me, kept me anxious, stressed me out, and otherwise unbalanced me. I’m not just a receptacle of circumstance, though; in turn, I’ve transmitted, perpetuated, and amplified pain and hostility. Going forward […]

So, you may have noticed that I’m kind of an asshole. It’s okay–I certainly can be. Sean Johnson once said I was the nicest asshole he knew. I like that description. It fits. This blog is my attempt to be other things while I’m also a nice asshole. I don’t blame my parents for how […]

A little over a week ago I remarked to Melissa and to my co-workers that I was having an unexpectedly rough time with my mental health. Grief over my mother’s January death had settled into a faint sadness punctuated by the occasional conscious pain, but last week I was more preoccupied, given to constant remembrance […]